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Smarter, More Precise Weed Management with PhenoCV-WeedCam

Paula Ramos Giraldo, Søren Skovsen, Mayuresh Sardesai, Dinesh Bhosale, Maria Laura Cangiano, Chengsong Hu, Aida Bagheri Hamaneh, Jeffrey Barahona, Sandy Ramsey, Kadeghe Fue, Manuel Camacho, Fernando Oreja, Helen Boniface, Ramon Leon Gonzalez, Edgar Lobaton, Chris Reberg-Horton, Steven Mirsky. Weeds are one of the biggest agricultural challenges; they compete with crops for available nutrients, water, and […]

Open Source

OpenCV is open source and released under the BSD 3-Clause License. It is free for commercial use.


OpenCV is a highly optimized library with focus on real-time applications.


C++, Python and Java interfaces support Linux, MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.