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Every decade or so there is a technological tsunami that transforms multiple industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that wave sweeping the technology world today. If you want to join this revolution but do not have the skills yet, this series of courses are right for you.

At OpenCV.org we support the largest computer vision library in the world. We are on a mission to create the most comprehensive online courses in AI to educate a global workforce.

These courses are designed for Working Professionals and Students alike. The only prerequisite for taking these courses is a basic understanding of Python or C++.

The courses require 3-4 months to complete if you commit 5-8hrs/week for learning.


Computer Vision I : Introduction

This course is designed to build a strong foundation in Computer Vision. You will get a solid understanding of all the tools in OpenCV for Image Processing, Computer Vision, Video Processing and the basics of AI.

Available in C++ and Python

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Computer Vision II : Applications

In this course, you will build systems or applications using the techniques learnt in the first course as well as some new ones that we cover as we go along. We also cover substantial amount of Machine Learning and the basics of Deep Learning in this course. We will also build interesting Web Applications as part of the course curriculum.

Available in C++ and Python

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Deep Learning with PyTorch

GPU Labs powered by

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In this course, we will start with a theoretical understanding of simple neural nets and gradually move to Deep Neural Nets and Convolutional Neural Networks.

Not only will we go over Deep Net architectures used for solving various computer vision problems, we will also go over practical considerations needed to successfully train Deep Neural Networks. These include how to prepare datasets, how to perform sanity checks before embarking on training that can take hours, how to use visualization tools to debug the training process, what workflows to use when the results are not satisfactory, and finally how to deploy your network on the cloud.

Students will get 100 Free GPU hours of Azure credits to be used with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

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You get additional discounts on purchasing more than one course.

For most students the Complete Bundle is the best option and provides the greatest value for money.

Bundle 1 : Computer Vision Enthusiast

It is a good option if you want to learn Computer Vision in depth but dont want to dig deep into Neural Nets.

  • Computer Vision I
  • Computer Vision II
  • Deep Learning with Pytorch
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Bundle 2 : Computer Vision & Deep Learning Starter

This combo is good for getting through the basics of of CV & DL using OpenCV and PyTorch.

  • Computer Vision I
  • Computer Vision II
  • Deep Learning with Pytorch
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Bundle 3 : Computer Vision Professional

You can consider this bundle if you already know OpenCV and want to start with projects & Deep Learning.

  • Computer Vision I
  • Computer Vision II
  • Deep Learning with Pytorch
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Bundle 4 : Complete Bundle

This bundle is perfect for students who want to develop their skill set and get a job in top AI companies or start their own ventures in AI.

  • Computer Vision I
  • Computer Vision II
  • Deep Learning with Pytorch
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Course Offerings


Each topic is covered using a mix of text and video explanations.


Work on various assignments which will be graded by our staff.

Code with Explanations

Learn everything about AI with the well structured curriculum & detailed explanations with code


Solve real world problems as part of projects and receive valuable feedback

Online Labs

In-browser online workspace for practical coding experience

Discussion Forum

Get answers to your queries and discuss ideas with your fellow students & mentors


Graduation Certificate

Certificate of Completion

To receive CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from OpenCV.org, you need to complete the graded quizes + assignments + projects with more than 50% marks within 6 months of enrolling in the course.

Honor Certificate

Certificate of Excellence

You will receive a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE if you score more than 70% marks on the graded quizes + assignments + projects within 6 months of enrolling in the course.


Refund Policy

For single course purchase: You will have a window of 30 days after you start the course to request a refund.

For bundle purchase: You will have a window of 30 days after you start the first course to request a refund for the entire bundle.
Refund for individual course is not allowed.

You can request a refund by dropping an email at courses@opencv.org


I have already purchased the course, but I didn't receive anything

You should have received an email for enrollment. In case you cannot find it in your inbox, send us a mail at courses@opencv.org

What are the prerequisites for taking the courses?

The first 2 courses are offered in Python and C++ while the Deep Learning with PyTorch course is in Python. You should have functional knowledge of either Python or C++ or both

How is the content organized?

The content will have a mix of theory and code with explanations through both Text and Video. Apart from this, there will be quizzes, assignments and projects. Each of them will be of varying difficulty and students can also choose which assignment or project they want to work on. Every assignment/project has some points and we take the best "x" out of "y" assignments/projects. We have this policy since the courses cover a lot of topics which means that a student might be more interested in a particular topic and may want to dig deeper by doing the assignments/projects of that topic. At the same time, the student has the choice to leave out some topics if they don't find it interesting.

Do you have discounts for students?

Unfortunately, there are no additional discounts for students.

How long will it take to finish the courses?

After you start a course, it will take you 3-4 months to finish it depending on the course. (assuming you put in 7-8 hrs/week to work on the course.) See below.

Computer Vision I : 3 months.
Computer Vision II : 3 months.
Deep Learning with PyTorch : 4 months.

Note that you can finish the courses earlier if you devote more time.

How long will I have access to the course?

For each course, you will have lifelong access to the course material, including all updates made to the course. In addition to the course material, students will get access to online labs for 6 months after the start of the course. Online labs allow you to try code in hosted Jupyter notebooks while you are going through the study material. Also, the 6 month period starts when you enroll in a specific course.

If I buy a bundle, do I have to complete all courses within 6 months?

NO. You have the freedom to chose when you start the course. You should complete the course within 6 months to get the certificate. This applies independently to each course in the bundle. So, if you purchase a bundle, the 6 month period starts when you enroll in a specific course.

If I purchase the course now with the discount, till when can I start the course in case I cannot start right away

You can start the course within 1 year of your purchase.

Will I get a certificate after taking the course? What is the criteria?

Yes, you will earn a certificate of completion from OpenCV.org. You will have to complete the graded quizzes, assignments and projects and earn more than 50% marks within 6 months of enrolling in the course to receive the certificate. You will receive an honors certificate if you score > 70%.

Will I have lifetime access to the certificate?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to the certificate on the course platform. You will get a digital certificate after successfully completing the course and you can share this certificate on LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms.

Why did you choose PyTorch?

PyTorch is growing fast in popularity because it is simpler and often faster than Tensorflow. We made this decision after giving it a serious thought and talking to several practitioners who have used both the frameworks.

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For any queries, please drop an email at courses@opencv.org


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