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OpenCV.org is a non-profit foundation that maintains the OpenCV library. It is currently supported by its membership programs, courseware, and partnership programs.

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Become a Gold Member

If you are interested in becoming a Gold Member, please contact us at one of the following emails:


OpenCV Gold Membership for the year 2022 requires a donation of $100k in cash, developer time, or other resources.


The following benefits are extended to Gold Members as a courtesy.

Advisory Committee Seat

Based on the complexity of the project and the fee level, OpenCV technical team will set up a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly call with the Development Partner to go over the progress made. These meetings will help the engineers from the Development Partner to build expertise in writing optimized code with best practices.

Training Courses

Gold Members can contribute training material to OpenCV courses. The material will need to adhere to the format laid down by the course team. For paid courses, an additional revenue sharing contract is signed. For free courses, OpenCV will charge a maintenance fee.

Note: In case a Gold Member wants to create training material but does not have the necessary expertise, OpenCV helps them find third party contractors.

Technical Support

Some Gold Members actively contribute to the OpenCV library to extend its capabilities. In case a Gold Members requires support, OpenCV will make reasonable efforts to find a consultant to help their project.

Pull Request Priority

A library pull request on github recommended by a Gold Member gets a priority for consideration over other pull requests in the queue. The pull request has to be approved by the core team and needs to meet the same rigorous standards as any other pull request.

Press Release

OpenCV.org will do a press release once a quarter announcing new Gold Members.

Email Newsletter

New products and/or services related to computer vision and/or AI by Gold Members may be included in OpenCV newsletter twice a year.

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