OpenCV Development Partnership

The Development Partnership is designed for companies who want to actively contribute to OpenCV’s software and hardware development efforts.

Development Partners

Amazing Khadas,
Always Amazes You!
Intelligent computing for everyone everywhere
Cloud computing platform designed for AI and machine learning applications

Previous Partners

Open edge AI industry application empowerment platform

Become a Development Partner

The following for-profit companies are designated as’s Sister Organizations.
These companies help deliver the Development Partnership.

Fee and Workforce

OpenCV Development Partnership is provided for the companies that paid an annual fee. In addition to the partnership fee, Development Partners will also assign a few engineers to support the open source hardware or software effort they are interested in.


OpenCV Development Partners will receive the following benefits.

Weekly Meetings

Based on the complexity of the project and the fee level, OpenCV technical team will set up a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly call with the Development Partner to go over the progress made. These meetings will help the engineers from the Development Partner to build expertise in writing optimized code with best practices.

Expert Status

If the engineers of the Development Partners are contributing at a high level of expertise, the OpenCV technical team will recognize them as an expert in OpenCV development and optimization. When expert status is achieved by a Development Partner, they will be given permission to carry the OpenCV Development Expert logo on their site. They may also request a reference letter from OpenCV acknowledging their contribution and expertise.

Blog Posts

Development Partners are invited to write 4 educational blog posts per year for the OpenCV community. These posts will be publicized using OpenCV newsletters, and social media accounts. The posts need to provide real value to the OpenCV community and should not be a product promotion. The partner company will however be provided clearly designated space where they can add a blurb and link back to their company site. The posts will need to be approved by OpenCV’s editorial staff.

Changelog and Release Notes

OpenCV will acknowledge the contributions of the Development Partner in release notes and change logs both on the website and GitHub repository.

Press Release will do a press release once a quarter announcing new Development Partners.

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