Mastering Generative AI for Art

Dive deep into Stable Diffusion. Learn all the techniques of generating images, fine-tuning Stable Diffusion on your own images and even training a GPT language model.

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Prerequisites: Basic Python skills required/Computer Vision background required
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A glimpse of the topics covered

Course Topics

  1. Generative AI Landscape
  2. Evolution of Generative AI
  1. Generating Images with DALLE2
  2. Crash Course on ChatGPT 
  3. Inpainting and Outpainting
  1. Generating images on Discord
  2. Understanding Generation parameters
  1. Setting up the Automatic1111 WebUI
  2. Using DreamStudio
  3. Basic Prompt Engineering with Stable Diffusion
  1. Advanced Controls like XYZ Plot, Prompt Strengths
  2. Editing Images using img2img and Inpainting
  3. Getting 3rd Party Models
  4. Using extensions with the webui
  1. Creating applications using InstructPix2Pix
  2. Advanced techniques like ControlNet
  3. Image Upscaling
  1. Use Images to create animations
  1. Use your own images to create avatars
  1. Use Textual Inversion for creating custom embeddings
  1. Train your own models faster with LoRA

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To receive a Certificate of Completion from, you need to complete the graded quizzes + assignments + projects, with more than 50% marks and within 6 months of enrolling in the course.

Graduation Certificate

Certificate of Completion

You will receive a Certificate of Excellence if you score more than 70% marks on the graded quizzes + assignments + projects within 6 months of enrolling in the course.

Honor Certificate

Certificate of Excellence

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Mastering OpenCV with

Python (Python) - $149

Fundamentals of Computer

Vision & Image Processing
(Python or C++) - $499

Deep Learning with

PyTorch (Python) - $799

Deep Learning with TensorFlow & Keras (Python) - $799

Computer Vision & Deep Learning Applications (Python) - $499

Mastering Generative AI

for Art (Python) - $159

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Program 1
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MOCV - Mastering OpenCV with Python - $149
CVIP - Fundamentals of CV & IP - (Python & C++) - $499
DLPT - Deep Learning With PyTorch - $799
DLTK - DL with TensorFlow & Keras -$799
DLAP - CV & DL Applications - $499
GENAI - Mastering Generative AI for Art - $159

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