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Build intuition for creating real-life applications with a blend of foundational, experiential and practical learning.

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Reinforce your knowledge with assignments and
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Each course includes coding assignments that allow you to internalize the concepts through a hands-on learning approach.

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Get 100% online and time-flexible courses with Lifetime Access to all materials including practical examples, projects, assignments, and quizzes.

Your space,
your pace

Get 100% online, time-flexible courses with Lifetime Access to all resources, including practical projects, assignments, & quizzes.


Concepts and code are explained in video lectures that allow you to absorb the material at your own pace.


Each course has a dedicated discussion forum, monitored by our instructors, for anyone to share ideas and ask questions.

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Dive deep into Stable Diffusion. Learn all the techniques of generating images, fine-tuning Stable Diffusion on your own images and even training a GPT language model.

Available in Python



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