OpenCV AI Scavenger Hunt

Follow the clues to win big each week in October!

A new type of contest from OpenCV combining the power of the OpenVINO™ Toolkit with AI-generated images to challenge the community and have fun with AI.

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Fortune & Adventure Await!

OpenCV AI Scavenger Hunt is a new contest from OpenCV combining the power of the OpenVINO Toolkit with one of the most talked about things in computer vision technology today: Images generated by feeding text to a speciality trained kind of AI network.

Each Monday in October we’ll email you a AI-created image and it’s up to you to uncover the prompt we used to generate it. To help you discover the prompt we’re providing you with 2 clues and 2 pretrained models from the OpenVINO Model Zoo. Run the clues against the models and discover the prompt!

Correctly identifying the prompt will enter you to win a bunch of different cash prizes, including the $3,000 Grand Prize.

Just The Basic Facts

$6,000 in Total Prizes

Eagle-eyed Hunters who correctly identify the prompt for all 4 weeks will receive a real-life OpenCV AI Scavenger Hunt Merit Badge suitable for adorning your favorite backpack, jacket, or sash (US-only). They will also be eligible for The Grand Prize.

The Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Pierre Mangeot, the winner of the Grand Prize of $3,000, for correctly identifying the prompts for all 4 weeks!

The Hunters Prize

Congratulations to Dilesh Mutta, winner of the $1000 Hunter’s Prize!

The Participation Prize

Congratulations to Ivan Felipe Rodriguez, winner of the $500 Participation Prize!

The Weekly Prizes

Congratulations to Lei L, Pierre M, Christian S and Dhruv K, winners of t he $125 weekly prizes.

Digital Merit Badge Stickers

Everyone who submits an answer for the week will receive a sticker for social media to share. Let people know you’re playing!

How To Play

In each Weekly Drop email you’ll receive the following information:

– An AI-generated image created with a certain prompt
– Two pictures or video “clues”
– Links to two pretrained models/notebooks from the OpenVINO Model Zoo

Your task: Discover the prompt used to generate the image for that week by downloading and running the pretrained OpenVINO models against the Clues. Which model goes with which clue? You’ll have to try them to find out. Then you’ll submit your answer and a screen shot of the AI model results on the Weekly Submission Form.

The deadline: 11:59pm Pacific time on the following Sunday night.

Repeat the hunt for all 4 weeks of October with new clues every Monday!

The Weekly Puzzles

Week 4

Prompt: the sea shore in rio de Janeiro, illustration, highly detailed, award winning

Notebook 1: OpenVINO Text Detection Notebook

Notebook 2: OpenVINO Hello World Notebook 

Successful Hunters

pierre m, Shaven L, Misbahud D, Yoichi N, Ivan Felipe R, Viraj H, Christian S, Sathiyanarayanan P, Agung Sidharta S, Marcus K, Zuhal A, Phillip H, Nuray J, cherkeng h, Jeffrey M, Dhruv K, RAJATHITHAN R, Paolo T, Mark G, Aman C, Lei L (Winner of $125 Random Draw), Richmond L, Rudi P, Rohan B, Anthony S

Week 3

Prompt: A volcano folded in origami style, highly detailed

Notebook 1: OpenVINO Action Recognition notebook 

Notebook 2: PaddlePaddle Image Classification with OpenVINO

Successful Hunters

Peter Y, Agung Sidharta S, Pierre M (Winner of $125 Random Draw), Rudi P, Cherkeng H, Dilesh M, Robin E, Rohan B, Tim G

Week 2

Prompt: longicorn, modern

Notebook 1: OpenVINO Text Detection Notebook

Notebook 2: OpenVINO Hello World Notebook 

Successful Hunters

Zuhal A, Jeffrey M, Peter Y, Paolo T, Ivan Felipe R, Pierre M, Christian S (Winner of $125 Weekly Prize), Jeffrey M, Lei L, Dilesh M, Phillip H

Week 1

Prompt: a halloween carved pumpkin with a cute pembroke welsh corgi, unreal engine render

Notebook 1: OpenVINO Hello World Notebook 

Notebook 2: OpenVINO Action Recognition notebook 

Successful Hunters

Yoichi N, Ashwini kumar P, Nirzari G, Aman C, Blaz E, Canming H, Misbahud D, Pierre M, Ivan R, Dhruv K (Winner of $125 Weekly Draw), Peter Y, Rajathithan R, Viraj H, Lei L, Zuhal A


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The OpenVINO team provides great instructions for installing the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit and Model Zoo on macOS, Windows and Linux. The PyPi page also has helpful troubleshooting tips. If you need assistance you can also join the OpenCV Slack community to get help.

Frequently Asked Questions

The submission form is emailed to all participants Monday morning, or if you register later, immediately after you confirm your email address.

Visit the OpenCV Slack server for assistance from the community.

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