OpenCV AI Game Show

The first trivia show focused on artificial intelligence and computer vision.

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    OpenCV and Intel are always looking for new ways to engage our community, and our latest is one we hope you’ll love: OpenCV AI Game Show (#AIGameShow), sponsored by Intel OpenVINO Toolkit. It’s the first trivia show based on the past and present of artificial intelligence and computer vision not just as technologies but also where they intersect with popular culture. This 1-hour show will premiere on OpenCV Weekly Webinar, Thursday March 24th 2022.

    Our host is Luna Malbroux, Chief Vibe Officer at Joy Channel.

    Our contestants for the pilot are:

    – Katherine Scott, a Developer Advocate at Open Robotics 

    – Vikas Reddy, a CEO at LightTwist

    – Joseph Nelson, a CEO at Roboflow

    Watch them compete in our awesome virtual set created by LightTwist using LightTwist’s virtual production technology.

    Last Updated 3/21/2022.

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