The best bang for the buck is the CV Master Bundle which is the collection of all our courses offered by OpenCV.org. If CV Master is too elaborate or expensive for you, we recommend the CV DL Starter. It gives you a solid foundation in traditional computer vision and novel deep learning techniques.
The CV Master Bundle is a comprehensive collection of all our courses. The CV Master X Bundle goes a further step ahead by providing you 3 LIVE coaching sessions of 1 hour each, along with all our courses.
We appreciate that our students represent a wide range of demographics and are in various phases of their career. Therefore, to address their unique needs and give them the flexibility to choose the focus areas that are the most relevant to their career, we have introduced these coaching sessions. These sessions will help students like you meet your desired goals more efficiently.
For example, while an 'entrepreneur' might seek guidance on specific Computer Vision or Deep Learning problems , a 'working professional' may be looking to make a career transition by gaining the requisite knowledge and experience through certain foundational areas.
No. These sessions, including your personal career discussions, are absolutely confidential and won't be recorded, streamed or used for promotional purposes.
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