Book cover: Practical OpenCV

Targeted at computer vision amateurs who are well-versed in C++, Practical OpenCV takes a project-based approach to introduce various modules of the ubiquitous OpenCV computer vision software library. The book also discusses theoretical concepts behind the various vision algorithms and has a special chapter on running your vision programs on the Raspberry Pi, including OpenCV wrappers for the Raspberry Pi camera board API.

Chapters are organized to deal with one or two OpenCV modules per chapter. Contents at a glance:

  • Installing OpenCV on your computer
  • OpenCV demos
  • Basic operations on images and GUI tools
  • Image filtering
  • Shapes in images
  • Image segmentation and histograms
  • Basic machine learning and keypoint-based object detection
  • Affine and Perspective transforms and their applications to panoramas
  • 3D geometry and stereo vision
  • Embedded computer vision: Running OpenCV programs on the Raspberry Pi

The book can be purchased from Amazon and source code can be downloaded from the book website.