Screenshot of OpenCV demonstrator application windows With this small graphical OpenCV demonstrator, one can explore different image processing functions included in OpenCV, without having to write a single line of code!

Based on OpenCV 3.0 and Gtkmm 3.0, this graphical interface allows one to select an image processing function (for instance: face recognition), and then a demonstration of the function automatically displays. It is also possible to modify the computing parameters, or to specify another input image or video (or even processing the video stream from a webcam).

Example of supported functions:

  • Derivation: Gradient / laplacian computing, contours delimitation
  • Hough transforms: lines, segments, circles, and geometrical shapes detection
  • Histograms: computing, equalization, and object localization with backprojection algorithm
  • Segmentation: thresholding, distance transform, foreground / background detection, watershed segmentation
  • Filtering: linear and non linear filters, morphological operations
  • Cascade detectors: detection of face, eye, car plates
  • Interest points: detection and matching
  • Video processing: optical flow, background substraction, camshift (object tracking)
  • Photography: panoramas realization, high definition imaging (HDR), image inpainting

Supported languages: english, french.

Installation: self-executable installer for Windows (32 bits).

Download link (latest version of the software):