Book cover: OpenCV Computer Vision with Python

The book “OpenCV: Computer Vision with Python” provides a fast-paced introduction to OpenCV’s Python bindings using a real-time face-tracking project as an example. Integration with NumPy and SciPy, and optional integration with OpenNI and SensorKinect, is also covered.

Topics, by chapter:

  1. Setting up Python, NumPy, SciPy, OpenCV, OpenNI, and SensorKinect on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.
  2. Working with cameras, image/video files, and GUIs using OpenCV. Understanding how OpenCV uses NumPy arrays as image data.
  3. Applying filters to live video using OpenCV and SciPy.
  4. Tracking and manipulating faces using OpenCV.
  5. Refining face tracking results using data from a depth camera, such as Microsoft Kinect or Asus XtionPRO.
  6. Replacing OpenCV’s built-in GUI system with a 3rd-party alternative, such as PyGame.
  7. Training OpenCV to track custom targets, not just faces.

All in 100 pages!

The author, Joseph Howse, is a developer of augmented reality applications at Ad-Dispatch.

The book can be purchased from PacktPub either as a physical book or as a PDF eBook.

Source code and setup tools are available from the author’s website.