We've just released a very close approximation of OpenCV 4.0, the release candidate.

OpenCV 4.0 RC includes ~60 new patches since OpenCV 4.0 beta:

  • Experimental Vulkan backend have been added to the dnn module, thanks to Zhiwen Wu and Juan J. Zhao.
  • opencv_stitching module interface has been refactored, thanks to Jiri Horner.
  • More accurate camera calibraion method have been implemented, thanks to Wenfeng CAI.
  • Persistence part of the core module (storing data in XML/YML/JSON formats) has been rewritten in C++ and consumes less memory when reading FileStorage. The C API (CvFileStorage) has been removed.
  • Graph API module has been extended: it recieved initial heterogenity support, OpenCL support, better documentation, ability to build it standalone. Thanks to Dmitry Matveev, Dmitry Budnikov and other G-API folks!
  • Some more of obsolete C-API has been removed in the following modules: photo, video, imgcodecs, videoio
  • Dropped obsolete videoio and highgui backends: QuickTime, QTKit, Unicap, Video for Windows, libv4l, DC1394_V1, Carbon
  • shape, superres, videostab, viz modules and TVL1 optical flow algorithm were moved to opencv_contrib
  • DIS optical flow algorithm, implemented by Alexander Bokov, has been moved to the main repository from opencv_contrib.
  • Some latest changes in 3.4 branch have been merged to the master, including updated libpng (security fixes), XCode 10 support, Turing GPU support, many optimizations and bug fixes


Big thanks to everybody who contributed (here is the incomplete list of patch authors; please, report if you contributed but do not see your name here):


Alexander Alekhin, Vadim Pisarevsky, Dmitry Kurtaev, berak, catree, Wu Zhiwen, Alexander Nesterov, Dmitry Matveev, LaurentBerger, Michał Janiszewski, Ruslan Garnov, Vitaly Tuzov, AsyaPronina, Dmitry Budnikov, Maksim Shabunin, Mansoo Kim, Pavel Rojtberg, Rostislav Vasilikhin, Sayed Adel, Sean McBride, Suleyman TURKMEN, Wenfeng CAI, fegorsch, Alexey Nikolaev, Ali Yasin Eser, Antonio Borondo, Apoorv, Apoorv Goel, Diego Barrios Romero, Emanuele Ruffaldi, Evgeny Latkin, Henry, Ilari Venäläinen, Ivan Pozdeev, Jean Carass, Jiri Horner, Karpushin Vladislav, Marco A. Gutierrez, Matt Bennett, Paul Shin, Tomoaki Teshima, WuZhiwen, gineshidalgo99, huangqinjin, jasjuang, kamino410, lqy123000, maver1, tompollok, unknown, wanghanmin


Alexander Alekhin, Vadim Pisarevsky, Pavel Rojtberg, Jukka Komulainen, LaurentBerger, tompollok, Mohammad Haghighat, Suleyman TURKMEN, Tomoaki Teshima, Varvrar, YTY, berak, kartoffelsalat




Win pack

iOS pack