Big thanks to all contributors who made pull requests on GitHub, sent bug reports and helped us in any other way!
As usual, release binary packages are available on SourceForge, the source code can be downloaded from GitHub.
Documentation is also updated to the 2.4.6 state.

The brief list of changes:

  • added video file i/o Windows RT and sample application using camera, enabled parallelization with TBB or MS Concurrency
  • added CUDA 5.5 support for desktop and ARM systems
  • added Qt 5 support
  • added many new OpenCL algorithms ports, included OpenCL binaries into the Windows superpack
  • iOS build scripts (together with Android ones) moved to 'opencv/platforms' directory
  • added functions for UIImage <-> cv::Mat conversion
  • correct front/back camera selection in Android app framework
  • added Linaro NDK support and fixes for MIPS to Android CMake toolchain
  • stability has been improved by a lot, numerous bug-fixes across all the library

See the full ChangeLog for more information.

Welcome to use the latest and greatest OpenCV!
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Best regards,
OpenCV Development Team.