Big thanks to all contributors who made pull requests on GitHub, sent bug reports and helped us in any other way!

As usual, release binary packages are available on SourceForge, the source code can be downloaded from GitHub.
Documentation is also updated for the 2.4.5 state.

The brief list of changes:

  • experimental WinRT support
  • new video super-resolution module
  • CLAHE (adaptive histogram equalization) algorithm on both CPU and GPU
  • further improvements and extensions in ocl module (stereo block matching and belief propagation have been added, fixed crashes on Intel HD4000)
  • Visual Studio 2012 cv::Mat visualizer plugin debugger tutorial from Microsoft Research
  • OpenCV4Android SDK improvements (NDK r8e support, native activity sample using OpenCV Manager, bug-fixes)
  • ~25 reported problems have been resolved since 2.4.4, ~78 pull requests have been merged, thanks everybody who participated!

See the full ChangeLog for more information.

Welcome to use the latest and greatest OpenCV!
Please ask your questions in our Q&A forum.

Best regards,
OpenCV Development Team.