While the work on OpenCV 2.5 is going on, our Development Team decided to prepare another release in the 2.4 series for you.
The focus of the coming 2.4.4 release is stability. We haven't added many new features to the library, but worked hard on quality and usability of existing ones.

Big thanks to all contributers who made pull requests on Github, sent bug reports and helped us in any other way!

As usual, the 2.4.4 beta packages are available on SourceForge or alternatively you can download the source code from Github.

The brief changes log is:
- OpenCV Java bindings are ported from Android to desktop Java!
- Android application framework, samples, tutorials, and OpenCV4Android Manager are improved
- Kepler optimizations, CARMA platform support and other new optimizations in CUDA
- ocl module now builds successfully with various OpenCL SDKs (from AMD, NVidia and Apple)
- 100+ reported problems have been resolved since 2.4.3
See the full ChangeLog for more information.

Welcome to try out the latest and greatest OpenCV and please report any problems, while we are still in the bug fixing mode.
The final 2.4.4 is expected by March 1.

Best regards,
OpenCV Development Team.