On the first day of Spring the OpenCV Development Team released OpenCV 2.4.4, the most mature OpenCV version to date!
Big thanks to all contributors who made pull requests on GitHub, sent bug reports and helped us in any other way! With your help OpenCV becomes better, and it has more than 6 000 000 of downloads!

As usual, release packages are available on SourceForge or alternatively you can download the source code from GitHub.
Documentation is also updated for the 2.4.4 state.

The brief list of changes:

  • OpenCV Java bindings are ported from Android to desktop Java! Actually any JVM language will work, see Tutorial for details, and Java or Scala code samples.
  • Android application framework, samples, tutorials, and OpenCV Manager are improved.
  • Optimizations for the new NVIDIA Kepler architecture, CARMA platform support and other new optimizations in CUDA.
  • OpenCL module now builds successfully with various SDKs (from AMD, NVIDIA, Intel and Apple) and runs well on different GPUs (AMD, NVidia, Intel HD4000). A lot of new functionality has been added, tons of bugs fixed, performance of many functions has been significantly improved.
  • 100+ reported problems have been resolved since 2.4.3, thanks everybody who participated!

See the full ChangeLog for more information.

Welcome to use the latest and greatest OpenCV!
Please ask your questions in our Q&A forum.

Best regards,
OpenCV Development Team.