Intel integrated native development experience (Intel INDE)

Intel® INDE adds computer vision capabilities for applications developers on Windows & Android with OpenCV 3.0 beta

Key features supported with Intel® INDE OpenCV beta component are:

  • Compatibility with OpenCV 3.0 Beta
    • Precompiled binaries for Windows and Android,
    • Based on the open source OpenCV 3.0 Beta
    • Legal clearance, no use of IP protected building blocks.
  • Easy to use and to maintain
    • Microsoft Visual Studio* integration for Windows development
    • Eclipse and Android Studio* integration for Android development
    • Quick getting started with project wizards, code samples, and tutorials.
    • Support with Intel® INDE support channels
    • Performance optimization with Intel INDE Platform Analyzer
  • Optimized for Intel® platforms and heterogeneous computing
    • Transparent OpenCL acceleration with Intel® Processor Graphics
    • CPU acceleration with Intel® TBB and Intel® IPP. Enabled by default.
    • More performance benefits and benchmarks here

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