Book cover: Instant OpenCV Starter

Instant OpenCV Starter is a practical, hands-on guide that will help you understand the importance of computer vision in real life as well as the various different functions of the OpenCV library via small programming projects with simple, detailed explanations. It will also teach you how to install and use the OpenCV library in Windows and Linux.

This book helps beginners quickly learn OpenCV to implement various computer vision related tasks. You will first understand the importance and applications of computer vision in real life. After that, you will learn how to set up OpenCV, followed by a series of practical programming projects to get you familiar with various functions in the OpenCV library.

The book will also focus on the usage of OpenCV in a few awesome projects such as detecting boundaries in a given image, hiding an image in a different image to transmit secret information (known as image steganography) as well as do real-time video processing.

All in 56 pages!


Jayneil Dalal

Sohil Patel

The book can be purchased from PacktPub as a PDF eBook as well as in print format from Amazon.

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