Dear OpenCV Developers,

We are happy to announce the public release of Image Watch, our image debug visualizer for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

Image Watch is a Visual Studio plug-in that lets you view in-memory images while debugging an OpenCV application.

These are some of the key features:

  • view all in-memory images in the current scope, or pin images to a "watch" list
  • watch how pixels change after a single instruction or between breakpoints
  • pan/zoom, inspect numeric pixel values
  • make quick visual A/B comparisons between any two image regions
  • apply simple operators such as thresholding, clamping, pixel-wise difference
  • supports cv::Mat_<>, cv::Mat, CvMat, and _IplImage types
  • can be extended for viewing custom C++ image types

Image Watch is free and can be downloaded at

A short tutorial video is available at

Also tutorial on Image Watch is available on OpenCV documentation website.

Best regards,
Wolf Kienzle
Microsoft Research