New video demonstrating GSOC 2015 contributions is ready!

Big thanks to all the students and mentors who participated. Great job!

Student Mentor(s) Project
Baisheng Lai Bo Li Omnidirectional Cameras Calibration and Stereo 3D Reconstruction
Edgar Riba Vincent Rabaud Structure From Motion module
Jiaolong Xu Bence Magyar Improving Deformable Part-based Models in OpenCV
Laksono Kurnianggoro Fernando J. Iglesias Garcia Real-time Multi-object Tracking using Kernelized Correlation Filter
Lluis Gomez Vadim Pisarevsky Improve and expand Scene Text Detection module in OpenCV
Naoto Hieda Michael Harville, Gary Bradski Projection mapping (Projected Augmented Reality)
Mircea Paul Muresan Sergei Nosov Stereo correspondence improvements
Roberta Ravanelli Delia Passalacqua, Stefano Fabri, Claudia Rapuano Structured-Light System Calibration for OpenCV
Alexander Bokov Maksim Shabunin Recent advances in edge-aware filtering
Sergio Garrido Prasanna, Gary Bradski Charuco board: Chessboard+ArUco for camera calibration
Vitaliy Lyudvichenko Anatoly Baksheev, Douglas Lee Implementation of universal interface for deep neural network frameworks
Vlad Shakhuro Alexander Bovyrin ICF detector improvements
Vladimir Tyan Antonella Cascitelli Multi-object TLD tracking support for OpenCV library
Yida Wang Manuele Tamburrano, Stefano Fabri Deep Learning & GPU Implementation Proposal

Thanks to Google for the amazing program!