Google summer of code 2013

GSOC 2013 is now over and we made a video of our student contributions. Enjoy!.

Our awesome students:

Ozan Tonkal Visualizer for Structure From Motion
Di YANG gPb port
Daniel Angelov Line Segment Detection
Fedor Morozov High Dynamic Range imaging
Siddharth Kherada Computational Photography: PIE, Edge Detection and Fun Effects
Abid Rahman OpenCV-Python Tutorials
Lluís Gómez i Bigordà Implementation of Neumann & Matas algorithm for text detection
Juan Manuel Perez Rua Implementation and Validation of the Shape Context Descriptor
Alex Leontiev Generic numerical optimization module
Hilton Bristow Matlab Code Generator for OpenCV
Antonella Cascitelli Long-term optical tracking api in OpenCV
Gurpinder Singh Sandhu Hand Tracking with Kinect
Oli Wilkie Hello World Android Example

Thanks again to our students, mentors and to Google for the amazing program.