GPU Technology Conference: Getting started with GPU-accelerated computer vision using OpenCV and CUDA (Tuesday, July 30, 2013; 10 AM - 11 AM PDT)

In this follow-up webinar to the OpenCV – Accelerated Computer Vision using GPUs presentation on June 11, Anatoly Baksheev, OpenCV GPU Module Team Leader at Itseez will demonstrate how to obtain and build OpenCV, its GPU module, and the sample programs. You’ll then learn how to use the OpenCV GPU module to create your own high-performance computer vision applications. Finally, you’ll learn how to start using CUDA to create your own custom GPU computer vision functions and integrate them with OpenCV GPU functions to add novel capabilities. Register for free to attend the online event.

The slides & recordings from the 1-hour webinar "OpenCV - Accelerated Computer Vision using GPUs" on June 11th are now available, for anyone that missed the webinar or wants to keep an offline copy. They are available (including many previous webinars) on the GTC Express page.

Direct links to the OpenCV webinar are the following: video and slides.

The webinar in June gave a non-technical overview of OpenCV & the GPU module, showing what is available. The second webinar in July will be slightly technical, showing examples of how you can begin implementing code using OpenCV on GPU.

For now you can see more info on this result of 4 years of OpenCV CUDA optimizations.