Rapid prototyping for image processing with OpenCV

Dear OpenCV Developers,

We are happy to announce the public release of Cassandra Studio. It is a software product to develop computer vision and signal processing applications without programming. It includes a Framework, the Programming Interface (API) and several Plug-Ins, e.g. OpenCV junction.

What is Cassandra?
Cassandra consists of three main parts that enable the development of computer visualization and signal processing applications through the use of OpenCV and user's own extensions. Cassandra supports the complete development process from rapid prototyping to product development and final testing. With more than 10 years of development experience in the fields of automotive and industrial applications, Cassandra is a very mature system built by experienced developers. At this time it is successfully being used in numerous commercial
and academia projects.

Cassandra and OpenCV
The extensive coverage of OpenCV functions enables Cassandra to operate as a highly effective development platform. All functions are available as building blocks that can be combined in a graphical user interface with just a few mouse clicks. Algorithm parameters, e.g., thresholds, can be changed interactively at runtime.

A short tutorial video is available here

Trial version of Cassandra can be downloaded from the official website.