Screenshot of Cassandra application window

The Cassandra team is thrilled to announce the release of a new software update for Cassandra 11. Cassandra is a visual programming tool and development platform for modeling algorithms. Typical use cases are image, signal and video processing-especially in the automotive industry. Its flexible plug-in concept allows simple to make but very complex extensions. The new 11.6 version offers you a broad range of exciting new features and an improved performance.

Cassandra 11.6’s new features and improvements:

  • Migration to OpenCV 3.0 with support of new features like AKAZE or Domain Transform Filter
  • Migration to IPP 9.0
  • Migration to Qt 5.4.0
  • Many new image processing features (e.g. Logical And, Or, Xor operations on images)/li>
  • New binary recorder/player
  • New Media Foundation camera plugin

Visit to download Cassandra 11.6 – for free!