We expect you to have working knowledge of at least one programming knowledge.  Other than that, there are no prerequisites. We will walk you through the basics.
You should have functional knowledge of either Python or C++ or both.
Yes, you will earn a certificate of completion from OpenCV.org. You will have to complete the graded quizzes, assignments and projects and earn more than 50% marks within 6 months of enrolling in the course to receive the certificate. You will receive an honors certificate if you score > 70%.
We will be in the course forum answering your questions.
The content will have a mix of theory and code with explanations through both Text and Video. Apart from this, there will be quizzes, assignments and projects. Each of them will be of varying difficulty and students can also choose which assignment or project they want to work on. Every assignment/project has some points and we take the best "x" out of "y" assignments/projects. We have this policy since the courses cover a lot of topics which means that a student might be more interested in a particular topic and may want to dig deeper by doing the assignments/projects of that topic. At the same time, the student has the choice to leave out some topics if they don't find it interesting.
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