OpenCV For Beginners : 1 month.
Computer Vision I : 3 months.
Computer Vision II : 3 months.
Deep Learning with PyTorch : 4 months.
Deep Learning with Tensorflow & Keras : 4 months.
How does lifetime access sound? We do this so you can use our courses as reference books you can come back to long after you have completed the courses. Note: In all courses other than OpenCV for Beginners, you get access to online labs that allow you to use Jupyter notebooks inside the course platform and submit assignments. The access to online labs is limited to 6 months, but you can run the same code on your local machine or Google Colab.
NO. You have the freedom to chose when you start the course. You should complete the course within 6 months to get the certificate. This applies independently to each course in the bundle. So, if you purchase a bundle, the 6 month period starts when you enroll in a specific course.
Yes, you will have lifetime access to the certificate on the course platform. You will get a digital certificate after successfully completing the course and you can share this certificate on LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms.
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