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Biicode is a C/C++ dependency manager with a hosting service, much like Maven and Maven Central for Java. Most of our efforts now are concentrated in populating our cloud with awesome libs that our users demand. And what was amongst the top three demands? Of course, OpenCV.

Using the new "hooks" feature of biicode 2.0, getting started with OpenCV in C/C++ is very simple, just write an #include to opencv headers and biicode will manage to retrieve and install OpenCV in your computer and configure your project.

This is a very convenient way to get started with OpenCV in C/C++, for teaching or education, rapid prototyping, research, etc.

  • Automatic download, build if necessary and configure OpenCV in your computer.
  • No configuration necessary, just write your source code.
  • Works exactly the same in Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • Very simple switch between versions 2.4 and 3.0 beta.
  • Algorithms and code developed with biicode can be automatically uploaded and shared in biicode.
  • Other users will reuse your code directly, no need to configure anything.
  • Absolutely free, and will always be free for open source.

Find everything in the examples block in biicode. You might want to take advantage of any project you already have done with OpenCV and participate in biicode's open source challenge and earn stickers and Darth Vader++ t-shirts.

For any doubts or further information regarding biicode, suit yourselves at Stackoverflow, biicode's forum or go forth and ask biicode.