GPU Technology Conference: Beyond real-time video survelliance analytics with GPUs (Wednesday, August 14, 2013; 10 AM - 11 AM PDT)

In this follow-up webinar Dr. Sadiye Guler, the founder of intuVision, Inc. will introduce intuVision's video object detection and tracking algorithms. In intuVision video tracking systems, parallel operations such as background model generation, update and new frame to background comparisons, as well as image filtering operations are performed much faster on GPUs resulting in large savings in processing time. By performing only the inherently non-parallel operations on the CPU, and utilizing multi-thread processing on the GPU, the overall computational performance of video analytics experiences a significant boost beyond real-time. Register for free to attend the online event.

The slides & recordings from the previous webinar “Getting Started with GPU-accelerated Computer Vision using OpenCV and CUDA” on July 30th are now available, for anyone that missed the webinar or wants to keep an offline copy. They are available (including many previous webinars) on the GTC Express page. Direct links to the OpenCV webinar are the following: video and slides.