Book cover: Android application programming with OpenCV

The book “Android Application Programming with OpenCV” is now for sale from Packt Publishing with free shipping to many countries! It provides a fast-paced introduction to OpenCV’s Java bindings for Android. Integration with Android SDK, MediaStore, and OpenGL is also covered.

Topics, by chapter:

  1. Setting up an Android development environment and OpenCV.
  2. Working with cameras, image files, and GUIs using OpenCV, Android SDK, and MediaStore.
  3. Applying filters to live video using OpenCV.
  4. Tracking objects using OpenCV.
  5. Refining object tracking results using OpenCV and rendering 3D graphics atop tracked objects using OpenGL.

All in 100 pages!

The author, Joseph Howse, is a developer of augmented reality applications at Ad-Dispatch.

The book can be purchased from PacktPub either as a physical book or as a PDF eBook.

Source code is available from the author’s website.

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