Screenshot of Adaptive Vision Studio application window

Adaptive Vision offers data-flow based software for industrial computer vision and now we also want to contribute to OpenCV community. We are giving out a free "Lite" edition that allows for playing around with OpenCV functions in our graphical environment.

Key features of the application include not only the intuitive graphical environment, but also possibility to create advanced high-level algorithms. It is easy to start with simply putting a couple of "filters" together, but loops, conditions and subprograms are also here, as well as an integrated designer for graphical user interfaces (HMI).

Quick start instructions:

  • A very basic demonstration can be found here:
  • OpenCV tools are located in Filter Catalog → Third Party → OpenCV
  • For loading images from files, go to Adaptive Vision Library → Image → Image IO

Currently supported is OpenCV 3.0 with functions related to image processing, object tracking and video analysis. More functions, however, can be easily added if there is positive feedback from the community.

Download links: