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People’s Choice Award at CVPR 2016


OpenCV will be running the People’s Choice Award, sponsored by Intel, at CVPR 2016, to update and extend the OpenCV library. Vote every day for your favorite CVPR posters and papers! Your votes will be used to pick the best, most-wanted and up-to-date implementations in major areas of computer vision for the entire community. After the conference’s last day, we will tally the people’s vote for the paper you’d most like to see implemented (you may vote for as many as you want). The top 5 winners will be awarded a modest monetary prize for winning, with the possibility to gain a larger prize for presenting the code as a pull request to OpenCV by December 1st 2016. The prizes are as follows:

1st winner: $500; Submit code: $6000
2nd winner: $300; Submit code: $4000
3rd winner: $100; Submit code: $2000
4th winner: $50; Submit code: $2000
5th winner: $50; Submit code: $2000