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If you want to help us, there are many ways to do it. By the way, do you see the Donate button at the top right corner? 🙂

Already have some code that you want to see as a part of the library? Please follow this guide.

Users can:

  • Help others, fill out some answers on our Q&A forum. You don’t have to be a guru to help.
  • Write cool tutorials: please follow the instructions. Before creating a tutorial, it is recommended you write an email to opencv-dev with a short description of the future tutorial (please, use the tag “tutorial” in the subject).
  • Submit cool demo videos to our YouTube channel. Submit the description and the link to opencv-dev mail (please, use tag “video” in the subject).
  • Say “thanks” with ratings and comments.

Developers can:

  • Participate in discussions regarding new code submissions. We have a lot of pull requests, and we need more people to review and beta-test them! Actually you may become an official reviewer in the OpenCV project one day.
  • If you need a simple task to start from, please consider these ones. They are simple enough, so you can get familiar with the contribution process.
  • Contribute code: it has to be BSD and should not add extra dependencies. More information about a code submission is available on our developer site: here and here.
  • Test our latest code from the Git repository and report/fix any bugs you find. Reporting bugs.
  • Help us optimize the bindings for different platforms/languages: CUDA, NEON, Python, Android or iOS.
  • Help us improve the unit tests, documentation, samples.

Company can:

  • Become a sponsor to help hire developers and organize events.
  • Contribute to the OpenCV library by providing coder time or by being part of development decisions.
  • Provide the infrastructure (testing farm, build farm, website).

More info on our development site: